About Us


The Dream Team

Born in Northumberland and raised in the Scottish Borders all our team are local and passionate about our local people and the success of small businesses in and around our community.

With our youngest graphics designer 27 years old and programmer 37 years of age we have a wide range of knowledge and set our roots in the online community of programmers, engineers, graphics designers and talented software developers.



To make it affordable for small businesses, sole traders and alike to get online and utilize all the online tools, systems and services to help grow your business online and give your clients that proffesional and modern touch. From clean & sharp web design to automating your business for you.



To not pay expensive licence fee’s for softwares and services instead we use open source tools available online and design our own softwares, web applications and services to suit small businesses. Everything from a website to automated POS (point of sale) softwares and systems to help run your business the modern way.


Donec-, Most- Posuere Libero
Ipsum Viverra Str. 6 b / 2. Stock
3100 St. Pölten
Tel: 01142 / 113 11
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