Welcome to ScottsNET

Inventing - Desiging - Programming - Scripting - Automating - Integrating

Our Goal

To share our programming skills and custom scripts & applications and to make it affordable for small businesses to use the digital world and get online.

We design and build around your needs to make your digital wishes come true.

Bright Ideas

Inventing & Designing custom applications and services for you and your business or service.

Fast Turn Around

Although each individual project can take diffirent amount of times to design, build, test and implement we aim to turn around your project in as little time as possible.

Community Support

Our team and community are always on hand to help and advise you. We want your project to get of and running just as much as you.


Opensource projects and CMS software like WordPress are becoming the new quick way to get online. We custom build plugins and addons for all major opensource and CMS projects.


Our Clients Love Our Work Because

Our customized scripts

You can always find a free tool or plugin online that does everything but that 1 thing you need, we can customize your existing scripts and services and make addons to suit you.

Lifetime updates

All scripts, plugins and modules we publish have access to our updates, we constantly keep our scripts upto date in line with new PHP versions and CMS updates.


Hosting Packages


Fully Managed - Upto 5 Domains
£18 / month
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Databases
  • 25GB Web Space
  • Fully Managed By Us
  • Instant Setup
  • Priority Support

Getting Online Is Easier Than You Think


ScottsNET Internet Services
1 Gloster Terrace, Amble, NE65 0LN
Tel: 07308 136 373